Retinal Detachments

Retinal detachment can occur at any age and is accompanied by partial loss of the field of vision.

What is Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy?

Normal healing can sometimes be complicated by the development of scar tissue, a process known as proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR). This scar tissue develops in the vitreous cavity that stiffens the retina and results in the re-detachment of the retina. This recurrent retinal detachment will require a vitrectomy operation using specialized techniques.

Careful removal of all scar tissue on or under the retina is required. The retina is reattached using a gas bubble or silicone oil. Your physician will discuss your special needs prior to surgery.

Can vision be saved?

Since PVR with stiffening of the retina is a complicated process, the chance of successful surgery is lessened. With modern techniques, however, some vision can still be saved. Following surgery, you may need to keep your head elevated or in a special position to assist in the re-attachment.

Eye drops and other medications will be prescribed on an individual basis. If the retina is surgically re-attached, the vision should begin to return in several months, but any return of vision with PVR should be considered a success.

How are Retinal Detachments treated?

Retinal detachment can occur at any age and is accompaniedby partial loss of the field of vision. This may progress to almost total loss of vision. Retinal detachments are repaired using a variety of surgical techniques that are successful in more than 90 percent of all cases. Most patients require only one operation to successfully repair a detached retina.

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