copy of copy of istock 1165291606 1The team of The Eye Care Institute of Louisville, KY can help patients achieve better eye health and wellness with diagnostic and treatment services. There are a lot of conditions that can impact the eyes, so it is vital to have a professional staff that can help educate individuals on problems which may occur. Our doctors at The Eye Care Institute find some patients dealing with a condition called a “macular pucker.”

What is a macular pucker?

Our doctors describe a macular pucker as the formation of scar tissue that develops on the surface of the macula. The macula is the part of the retina that ensures clear and sharp central vision of the eye. When this scar tissue develops, it results in distorted and blurred vision.

What causes a patient to be at risk for macular puckers?

There are several risk factors that come into play in increasing one’s chances of developing macular puckers, including:

  • Advanced age
  • History of retinal detachments or tears
  • Patients with diabetic retinopathy
  • Uveitis (inflammation in the eye)
  • Patients with retinal venous occlusions
  • Healing of tissues caused by vitreous detachment and microscopic damage

What are the symptoms of macular puckers?

The most common symptoms that may indicate that a macular pucker has formed include:

  • Severe vision loss
  • Changes to vision, including blurring and distortion
  • Straight lines appearing wavy in line of vision
  • Difficulty reading small print or seeing fine details

How does a doctor diagnose a macular pucker?

The most effective way to diagnose this condition is with optical coherence tomography. Optical coherence tomography, or “OCT,” is a test that can evaluate the extent of a macular pucker to not only get a definitive diagnosis, but consider whether treatment should be done.

Treatment for macular pucker

Most patients with macular pucker will not need treatment because their symptoms are mild and does not impact their daily activities. However, if severe vision loss occurs, surgery may be recommended by a doctor.

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