A Dilated fundus examination(DFE), also called dilation, is the diagnostic test that uses mydriatic eye drops to enlarge, or dilate, the pupil.

When we dilate the pupil, the pupil enlarges.  This allows additional light to be shone into the eyes.  By dilating the pupils of our patients, our doctors can obtain a better view of the internal surfaces of the eye, including the back of the eye.  We consider dilation to be a significant portion of a comprehensive eye exam.  The back of the eye includes the retina, optic nerve and very important blood vessels. With dilation, we are better able to diagnose and treat ocular conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, retinal detachments, bleeding or swelling inside the eye.  A dilated eye exam can also enable the doctor to see early signs of diabetes, high blood pressure or other systemic diseases. There are also many other eye disease, which occur less frequently, but can also only be diagnosed through a dilated eye examination. Early detection and treatment of any of these diseases can be crucial to prevent vision loss as well as be important to overall health.

We believe that diagnosis and evaluation of the back of the eye, using dilating drops, and doctor examination, is the most thorough way to examine the back of the eye, thereby providing the best care for the health of our patients.

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