istock 1178489855 1If you’ve made an appointment at The Eye Care Institute to consult with our providers about LASIK eye surgery, you’ve actually made the first step towards better eyesight. Many patients hear of LASIK treatment and want to learn more about getting rid of their contacts and prescription eyeglasses. During a consultation appointment, patients take the time to speak to our team about undergoing the procedure and deciding if they are a good candidate.

During the consultation appointment, patients will undergo an initial evaluation with our doctor. This is done to check the overall health of the eye and take detailed measurements to ensure the treatment is thorough and accurate. This examination will help in determining if a patient is a good fit for treatment or not, while ensuring the eyes are healthy enough for surgical intervention. If a patient is good to undergo treatment, the surgery itself will be discussed so patients know what to expect. If a patient is NOT a good candidate for LASIK eye surgery, then the doctor may make additional recommendations regarding ways in which your eyesight can be improved. Some patients that are not a good fit may still need to consider the use of prescription eyewear including contacts and eyeglasses to maintain their vision.

Patients who are chosen for the procedure can schedule their LASIK appointment with the front office before they leave. Our doctors will provide patients with the information they need to prepare for their procedure the day of. This includes making arrangement for transportation and taking the necessary time off of work and social activities to facilitate the healing process. Our doctors perform the procedure in our state-of-the-art practice, offer aftercare instructions for patients to follow, and also schedule a follow-up appointment during which the doctor will check for proper healing, discuss any complications patients are experiencing, and ensure patients are satisfied with the results of their procedure.

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Contact the providers at The Eye Care Institute of Louisville, KY to learn more about the benefits of LASIK surgery. Our practice is conveniently located at 1536 Story Avenue and can be reached via phone at (502) 589-1500.

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