copy of istock 468275798 1While typically a condition that develops in early childhood, amblyopia, or “lazy eye,” can impact patients of any age. Sometimes, adults may be aware of their condition but they may have never received appropriate treatment for it. Other times, parents notice the condition and bring it to their pediatrician’s attention to discuss possible solutions. With amblyopia, images from one eye are sometimes ignored from the brain, causing unwanted vision issues. The dominant eye performs extra work to compensate for the lazy eye, which in turn puts it at risk of future eye disorders and problems. In most cases, an early diagnosis and treatment is ideal before the patient reaches adulthood, as the condition, left untreated, can become permanent and impact one’s vision for life.

What are the signs and symptoms of amblyopia?

There are several symptoms that can indicate amblyopia, including:

  • Obvious “lag” with one or both eyes when looking towards someone or changing direction of vision
  • Patients closing one eye or squinting to see clearer
  • Poor depth and contrast perception
  • Overall poor visual acuity from one or both eyes

To diagnose this condition, a doctor can physically evaluate a patient by testing each eye and blocking the other. Visual tests are used in determining the severity of the condition as well, and this information is used to educate the parents of a child with amblyopia about the treatment options that might be the most successful.

What treatment options are available for amblyopia?

The goal of treating amblyopia is to force the patient to utilize the weaker eye. The best way to achieve this in most cases is to have the patient wear an eye patch over the functioning eye to encourage more use of the “lazy eye.” This may be done intermittently or full-time for a specific period.

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