Whenever a patient has an abrupt change in their vision and eyesight, it is vital that they schedule an appointment with an eye doctor for an evaluation. Many conditions can cause reduced or impaired vision, and with an early diagnosis and evaluation, treatments can often help. Men and women who notice difficulty in seeing fine detail up close or changes to their vision that can impact reading and driving are strongly encouraged to request a doctor visit with the team at The Eye Care Institute in Louisville, KY. This may be because they have a condition that blurs their vision or causes distorted central vision such as a macular pucker.

What is a macular pucker?

The team at The Eye Care Institute describes a macular pucker as scar tissue that forms on the macula. The macula is what provides the sharp central vision we require for everyday life, and is located in the light-sensitive area of the retina. This scar tissue can cause similar symptoms as a macular hole, though they are two different conditions. A trained and experienced eye care professional can tell the difference between a macular hole and a macular pucker, and offer a proper diagnosis.

What can be done for a macular pucker?

In most cases, nothing is done, especially if the vision changes are minor. However, for those who have more severe cases of macular puckers, surgery (vitrectomy) or injections are considered. During the evaluation, the eye doctor will determine if the condition will require any intervention by our medical team. We encourage patients to ask questions about their condition and discuss their concerns with our team of providers at The Eye Care Institute.

Are you concerned about changes in your vision?

It is essential that patients who notice increased vision issues or eyesight concerns speak with an eye doctor to receive appropriate care. Our doctors in Louisville, KY are pleased to provide a wide selection of services, including diagnostics and treatment of many eye disorders or injuries. Call (502) 589-1500 today to request an appointment with our professionals at The Eye Care Institute at 1536 Story Avenue.

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