copy of istock 689644378 1When patients start noticing flashing and floaters in their vision, they may be unsure as to what has occurred. Louisville, KY area patients might not know if these flashes and floaters are detrimental to their eyes health and their vision. This is why the associates at The Eye Care Institute encourage patients to visit the practice whenever they notice changes in their vision. Flashes and floaters may be no reason for concern, or may be an indication of a condition that requires assistance from a professional.


The inside of the eye is filled with vitreous. Vitreous is a fluid that, with time, may shrink and pull away from the retina, which can result in the presence of floaters. Additionally, floaters may be small particles in the vitreous that are floating in the gel-like substance and reflected in one’s vision. These floaters may move as patients look around, and are more visible in high-light situations. In most cases, these are just a nuisance, though patients who have severe, large floaters may be able to have them broken up with a laser treatment.


Flashes in one’s vision often requires immediate care and attention. Flashes across the vision or in one’s peripheral vision might indicate retinal detachment and retinal tears. There are different types of retinal detachment, though all of them require care from a medical professional. The types of retinal detachment include:

  • Rhegmatogenous
  • Tractional
  • Exudative

A complete eye exam can help our professionals determine if retinal detachment is occurring, and provide appropriate treatment as soon as possible to limit the permanent damage that it may cause. Along with floaters and flashes, patients with retinal detachment may also notice a dark veil or “curtain” that seems to move across the field of vision.

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Louisville, KY area patients who are faced with uncertainty with changes in their vision and with their eyes are encouraged to book an appointment at The Eye Care Institute to get a proper diagnosis and determine if they are in need of treatment. We welcome new and current patients to call our office at (502) 589-1500 and visit the practice at 1536 Story Avenue. We are here to assist individuals with their vision and eye health, and are always accepting new patients.

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