istock 1008474828If you are noticing that your central vision is blurring or distorted, or you are having difficulty reading or seeing fine detail, you will want to be evaluated by an eye doctor in the Louisville, KY area for an evaluation. Many conditions in the earlier stages will provide symptoms that may indicate signs of trouble. With conditions such as the macular pucker, early detection is key to finding the cause of the problem and resolving the issue as soon as possible.

What is a macular pucker?

Our doctors at The Eye Care Institute of Louisville, KY describe the macular pucker as a scar tissue that develops on the macula, which is positioned in the retinal center. With aging, the vitreous gel in the eyes shrink and pull away from the macular, and in some instances, can cause damage to the retina. The retina will attempt to heal itself naturally and form scar tissue that will pucker. When this occurs on the retina, no changes will occur to the vision, but if it occurs on the macula, it can cause distortion or blurring of central visit, and even blind spots. When this occurs, it is vital that patients undergo an evaluation with an eye doctor at The Eye Care Institute to diagnose their condition. In most situations, a macular pucker only impacts one eye and the vision loss does not become progressively worse.

What are the signs of macular pucker?

  • Inability to read or see fine details
  • Blurry, distorted, or wavy vision
  • Clouding and graying in the center vision
  • Blind spot develops in the center vision
  • Vision loss

What is the treatment for macular puckers?

Most patients who have macular pucker will have slight symptoms that do not impact their overall quality of life. However, if the pucker is severe enough to cause patients to stop driving or enjoying their normal activities, a surgery called a vitrectomy may be performed by our eye doctors.

Do you suspect a macular pucker?

If you reside in the Louisville, KY area and suspect that you have a macular pucker, it is time to connect with the doctors at The Eye Care Institute. Our doctors can evaluate you to give you a definitive diagnosis and discuss your treatment options. The practice is conveniently located at 1536 Story Avenue and can be reached by phone at (502) 589-1500.

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