man getting botulinum toxin picture id514880097At The Eye Care Institute, our doctors work with patient with a variety of medical and cosmetic concerns. Men and women who are bothered by excess blinking, or “blepharospasms,” may want to speak to our team about the benefits of treatment with Botox.

What is Botox?

Our doctors describe Botox as an injectable medicine that is used to reduce muscle spasms. It is commonly thought of for its anti-aging benefits, but this isn’t where it stops. Botox has been used in a wide range of fields in medicine, and is available with our team at The Eye Care Institute in Louisville, Kentucky. Botox injections are used at our practice for both medical and cosmetic purposes. Patients can expect these injections to maintain results for several months, as it naturally reduces in strength. In order to maintain the improvements, patients may need to have other injections completed on a routine basis.

Is Botox safe?

When Botox is used appropriately and administered by a trained, medical provider, it is completely safe to use in most instances. We do encourage patients who are considering Botox injections to schedule a consultation visit. During this initial evaluation, our doctors will assess a patient to decide if they are a good fit for Botox injections. There are times we may make another recommendation, or refer a patient to another professional for extended assistance. We also encourage patients to be completely open and honest about their medical history and the medications they are currently taking so we can make an educated decision.

Request an appointment to learn more about Botox injections

The team at The Eye Care Institute of Louisville, KY has been providing Botox injections for over two decades, making them one of the most experienced providers of this treatment. Whether you are dealing with eye spasms or crow’s feet, we can educate you on the benefits of Botox injections. If you are interested in discussing Botox with one of our doctors, we welcome you to call (502) 589-1500 and schedule an appointment at our practice, conveniently located at 1536 Story Avenue. The Eye Care Institute welcomes new and established patients.

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