older couple smallAt The Eye Care Institute of Louisville, KY, our doctors treat a wide range of conditions that impact the eye. Whenever possible, we focus on conservative treatments as long as they are effective. However, for patients who are in the advanced stages of vision loss, the corneal transplant may be the treatment of choice. This procedure, also known medically as “endothelial keratoplasty,” is a necessary treatment for patients who are experiencing the later stages of certain corneal disorders or have had an injury to the eye that impacts their vision. 

What is a corneal transplant?


Just like other parts of the body can be replaced with donor parts, so can the eye! Donor corneas replace corneas that have been impacted by disease or trauma, and can restore vision for those who may have started to experience vision loss. Patients in the earlier stages of corneal conditions may be able to address the problem with contact lenses or prescription eyewear, but later stages require a more aggressive treatment such as transplants. 

What can I expect after my corneal transplant? 

Endothelial keratoplasty is a procedure that is highly effective at improving a patient’s vision. In most of our patients, 20/20 vision is achieved after this surgery. The recovery time is minimal and many patients are happy that they went forward with the procedure. 

Are there any risks associated with corneal transplant? 

As with any surgical procedure, there are some risks for patients to take into consideration when choosing to complete a corneal transplant. In rare cases, rejection of the donor corneal tissue can occur, though this can be addressed with the use of prescription eye drops. The success rate of this procedure is extremely high when performed by a trained, qualified surgeon such as the team at The Eye Care Institute. 

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