Coming Soon: Patient Registration Kiosks

You have seen them elsewhere, and now you will see these kiosks at The Eye Care Institute, too.

These kiosks benefit you and us. Specifically, by displaying the information we have on file for your name, address, phone, email and health insurance or vision insurance, we know you are more likely to recognize when updates need to be made. Better information leads to a reduction in extra work for you, and faster insurance claims processing for us. Also, these kiosks provide insurance benefit verification in moments, and will allow you and us to know your most up-to-date insurance benefits information.

Nine Smart Strategies To Avoid Eye Infections

Eye infections can impact any part of the eye and range from simple and self-limiting to more serious occurrences, which might require medical diagnosis and treatment. The following are nine simple steps you can take to avoid contracting an eye infection. Practice Good Hygiene Personal cleanliness is an important step in keeping your eyes clear …

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The Go-Getter’s Guide To Better Eye Health

Many people feel they have healthy eyes, but the initial stages of common eye diseases like diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, or age-related macular degeneration often go unnoticed. They may also not realize that they have vision problems that can easily be corrected with glasses or contacts. Some age-related eye problems are unavoidable, but in many cases, …

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1 Simple Rule to Quit Smoking (And Save Your Vision)

Research proves that smoking is bad for your health. It’s common knowledge that smoking causes lung cancer, among a litany of other health issues affecting all of your organs, including your eyes. If you want to save your health and your eyes, put smoking behind you. Stop Lighting Up and Spare Your Eyes When you …

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10 Ways to Master Your Eye Health

While it’s true that the risk of eye diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts increase as we age, we can take preventative steps to help ensure that our eyes remain healthy for years to come. Consider adopting these 10 eye-healthy habits: 1. Get Regular Exams Because eye health is an indicator of overall …

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