Researchers tested CBD which showed that a leading measure of glaucoma increased by 18%.
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CBD Oil Increases Leading Indicator of Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a complex condition which is often, but not always, accompanied by elevated eye pressure. Frequently, increased eye pressure is associated with glaucoma while lower eye pressure is not.

For this trial, researchers use rats (a common scientific method) to test CBD (the component of cannabis that does not cause a “high”). The research showed that intraocular pressure, a leading measure of glaucoma, increased by 18% for at least four hours after the rats were given CBD oil eye drops.

However, in a separate part of the study, for rats given THC (the component of cannabis that does cause a “high”), eye pressure dropped by up to 30% for eight hours.

Please remember this is only one study. Further, due to legal barriers, significant scientific research on the risks or benefits of cannabis is very limited and much is unknown. Also, inhaling smoke of any type causes breathing difficulty and smoking with rolling papers causes cancer.

Download full research paper

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