A woman sleeps in a bed with white sheets in a darkened roomIf you have the right contacts, you probably don’t even realize you are wearing them most of the time – until bedtime comes and you have to take them out for sleeping, and then you have to put them in again in the morning before you can really start your day. Have you ever wondered if you even have to take them out at bedtime? Is there really any harm to just leaving them in overnight? LASIK surgery can do away with the trouble and questions when it comes to contacts, but for now, here are some things you should know about sleeping while wearing contacts.

Is it OK to sleep with contacts in?

When you are awake and your eyes are open all day, they get plenty of oxygen and moisture, which helps to remove any bacteria and keeps the eyes healthy. When you sleep, they get less oxygen because your eyes are closed, and having contacts on the eyes reduces oxygen and needed moisture on the eyes even more. Bacteria has the chance to accumulate and may cause infection. That’s why, for healthy eyes, it is best to take out your contacts before bed each night. Even with contacts that are approved for overnight use, it is still suggested that you take them out before bed.

If you do accidentally fall asleep with your contacts in (which happens to everyone at some time!), take them out as soon as you can. Leave them out for that day, and watch out for any signs that there may be infection, such as excessively watery eyes, blurred vision, discharge, or redness. If you think you do have an infection, don’t put your contacts back in and see your doctor right away. If an eye infection is left untreated, it can permanently affect the eyes.

LASIK eye surgery can eliminate the hassle of contacts and removing them each night. If you are interested in LASIK, if you need new contacts, or if you are having problems with your eyes, The Eye Care Institute in Louisville, KY, can help. Contact us at (502) 589-1500 to make an appointment today!

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