If your eyes feel itchy, scratchy or irritated you may be suffering from dry eye disease.

Dry eyes occur when tear glands do not make enough tears.  Dry eyes may also occur when tears evaporate too quickly from the surface of your eyes.  If this happens to you, then you might feel the discomfort of Dry Eye Disease.

If you have Dry Eye Disease you may experience eye fatigue, excessive tearing, blurred vision or difficulty wearing contact lenses.  You may also feel eye pain or a gritty sensation.  Sensations from Dry Eye Disease also include discomfort, blurred or decreased vision and generalized vision annoyance.

There may be environmental causes of the disease, such as prolonged sleeping near a ceiling fan or there may be medical circumstances (sometimes menopause can cause dry eyes).  During winter months, lack of humidity in the air, or proximity to heating vents from a gas forced-air furnace, can also cause dry eye symptoms.

Medications such as antidepressants, birth control pills, antihistamines or diuretics may cause dry eyes, as well.

Some home remedies include use of over-the-counter eye lubrication drops as well as short-term use of a room air humidifier (don’t rely on a humidifier for long-term use as these units tend to produce mold over time which can cause other health problems).

At The Eye Care Institute, we have a created The Dry Eye Center of Kentucky to pool our resources to help our patients lessen the discomfort associated with dry eye disease.  If you cannot alleviate the symptoms with home remedies, we encourage you to call us.  We have diagnostic tools and instruments in the office, including the Oculus Keratograph 5M.  We offer can write prescriptions for stronger medications.  We might suggest changes in lifestyle as well.

If you have already been diagnosed by The Doctors of The Eye Care Institute with Dry Eye Disease or want help beyond home remedies, we encourage you to contact us for an appointment. Our phone number is 502-589-1500.

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