You have seen them elsewhere, and now you will see these kiosks at The Eye Care Institute.

These kiosks benefit you and us.
By displaying the information we have on file for your name, address, phone, email and health or vision insurance, we know you are more likely to recognize when updates need to be made. Better information leads to a reduction in extra work for you, and faster insurance claims processing for us. These kiosks also provide insurance benefit verification in moments and will allow you and us to know your most up-to-date insurance benefits information.

These kiosks send reminders and offer shortcuts.
The kiosk software will send your appointment reminders to you. The appointment reminder sent 7 days in advance of your appointment offers a link to view and update your information on the device of your choosing so that when you arrive at our office, you merely confirm your presence and then you are ready for your appointment.

We will have staff members who are ready to help you. Our staff will be holding clipboards that will read Patient Registration Assistance. Our Registration Concierges can help you learn how to use the kiosks so that when you see them at other physician offices, you will be an efficient kiosk user.

These kiosks protect jobs
. If you are inclined to think we are installing computers so that we can eliminate staff, that will not be happening at The Eye Care Institute. Just like we now use email more often than regular mail, or the Internet instead of encyclopedias, now medical practice technology is quickly shifting to patient registration kiosks. Our staff will have different roles, but we will not be employing fewer staff members as a result of this change. Embracing this technology allows us to maintain pace with advancing technology and to keep our medical practice strong and viable.

Management and Physicians are excited about this new technology. We look forward to working with you to embrace this technology as we continue to provide the best possible eye care!

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