The Doctors of The Eye Care Institute often act as study investigators to aid in the FDA approval of new medications, surgical procedures, diagnostic instruments and other treatment protocols.

The benefits to our patients of participation in Clinical Trials include the opportunity to receive new advances in treatment methods before they are publicly available along with strict adherence to guidelines established by the FDA. Treatment is always free and compensation is offered for your time.

The Eye Care Institute has two clinical trials now ongoing for the treatment of dry eyes. If you are interested in this, please call our office at 502-589-1500 and ask to speak with our study coordinator.

Dry Eye Help is Just a Phone Call Away at The Eye Care Institute. If you are bothered by dry eyes, please call us at 502-589-1500 to set up your appointment for dry eye treatment.

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We are always interested in hearing from you. Feel free to contact us. To schedule an appointment, please call the office at (502) 589-1500.

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