Did You Know?

The average length of tenure of our staff members is over 11 years

With few exceptions, all 50 staff members have a college degree and 5 have a master’s degree

Staff members answering our phones, called Patient Concierges, are among the most well-trained staff in the practice and undergo 3 months of training before the first phone call is answered

All staff have easy access to training plans, disease information, prescriptions, surgical intervention and treatment plans for just about every eye health topic

All technicians are nationally certified in ophthalmic assisting and earned the COA or COT designation

The technician’s job is to collect and document the patient data so the doctor can determine a diagnosis and recommend a treatment plan (anything from glasses to surgery is a treatment plan). The technician portion of the exam also allows the doctor to spend more conversation time with the patient

Each of our technicians have a weekly meeting with our doctors to discuss patient care issues and to undergo additional training

All staff have at least 16 hours of training per year and, depending on responsibility, some have as many as 160 hours of additional training per year

Almost all check-out and accounts receivable staff members have undergone rigorous testing which allows them to use the credential Certified Patient Service Specialist®

Our entry level minimum wage is $13.60, we give an automatic, fully vested 401k match, and most staff members only pay about $50 per month toward comprehensive health insurance benefits

Our CEO and our Associate Administrator are each board certified in healthcare administration

Starting soon, Dr. Meyer of The Eye Care Institute will be conducting an allergy research study.

If you experience allergy symptoms and are at least 18 years old, you may qualify to participate.

The study involves 13 visits over the course of approximately 5-11 weeks and if you participate you will be compensated for your time.

Participants will need an allergy test prior to enrollment in the study and allergy skin tests will be provided at no cost.

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