You’ve finally had enough with glasses. You want the world to see the real you. Glasses only hide your face and your full potential. You’ve decided you are going to give contact lenses a try. However, you need to know what you are doing first. Practice makes perfect. When you go in for your appointment at the eye doctor’s you will be given instructions on how to put in your contact lenses. You will be given a set of contacts so that you can practice under supervision to make sure you get it right. Take the following tips to have a positive experience in the office and on your own.


Lay Out Your Supplies

Before you try and insert your contact lenses, get everything ready. You should:

  • Set out your lens solution
  • Open your lens container on one side
  • Wash your hands


Now you are ready to put your lens in your eye.


Don’t Worry About Hurting Your Eye

Putting in contact lenses will not hurt. Some people are squeamish and have a hard time with touching their eyes or getting near their eyes. You can do this. You need to dump your contact into the palm of your hand. Set it on the tip of your index finger. For added lubrication, put a drop of solution in the middle of your contact. You are ready to go. With your free hand, lift your upper eyelid. Look up and set your contact lens in your eye. Look down to allow the contact to slide into the proper position. Repeat the process with the other eye.


What if Your Eye is Irritated from the Start?

If you feel irritation the moment you put your contact lens in your eye, you should remove it and check the lens. You may have an eyelash or debris on the lens. Rinse it off and try again. Irritation can be caused by small tears in the lens or if the lens is wearing out. If there are tears, you will need a new lens. Follow your eye doctor’s instructions and exchange your lens for new lens according to the guidelines that come with the contact lenses. Keep artificial tears on hand in case you need additional lubrication as you adjust to your contact lenses. You should take them out every night to give your eyes a rest and reduce the risk of infection.


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