LASIK is an investment—the cost runs high enough that when you find a clinic offering cheap LASIK, it can be tempting to pursue it no questions asked. The problem is, LASIK carries the price tag it does for a reason, and it’s not because LASIK surgeons enjoy seeing you spend your hard-earned money. When one clinic is offering LASIK at a significantly cheaper price than the rest, you have to ask yourself where they are cutting corners. Below are some ways that cheap LASIK providers are ripping you off.

Lower Standards

First, when you pay for LASIK surgery, you are paying for a certain standard of care. You expect your surgeon to be at the top of his or her field and to be up-to-date on the latest LASIK technologies and procedures to ensure that you get the best outcome possible.

Cheap LASIK providers, on the other hand, are able to offer cheap surgery because they haven’t invested the time or money to research and receive training on the latest developments. You may be saving money, but you aren’t receiving the highest standard of care.

Less Time for You

One important aspect of a successful surgery outcome is that you understand everything about before, during, and after the surgery. That means you need a LASIK provider who takes the time to answer your questions and thoroughly explain each step of the procedure and after-care.

For cheap LASIK providers, time is money. The more people they get in and out of their clinics, the more they turn a profit. Consequently, they don’t have the time to listen to your doubts and go over everything with you until you understand, which can harm your recovery.

Lack of Personalized Care

Even though you know that LASIK is a safe and effective procedure with very few risks, undergoing surgery can be anxiety-inducing. Higher-end LASIK providers have the resource to personalize your care so that you are comfortable and confident, whether that be a prescription to ease the nerves, pain relievers, or even a blanket to keep you warm during the procedure.

Cheap LASIK providers, on the other hand, don’t have the resources to give you more than the bare minimum of care and you run the risk of hidden fees for “extras” such as pain medication and eye drops.

The bottom line: You may save a few dollars by opting for a cheap LASIK provider, but you lose out in terms of standards and quality of care. Ⓡ

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