If you use contacts to correct your vision, you may be wondering why you would even consider LASIK. After all, don’t contacts do a decent job of correcting your vision without the hassle of glasses? As it turns out, choosing LASIK can dramatically improve your life. Here are just a few reasons why you should forget those contacts and consider LASIK.


One aspect of LASIK that can be daunting for many contacts users is the price tag. But when you think about it, you spend hundreds of dollars every year on your contacts, lens solution, and cases. That adds up to thousands of dollars over your lifetime. Getting rid of your contacts and getting LASIK can save you money in the long run.

No More Grit in Your Eyes

There are few things more painful than putting in your contacts first thing in the morning and realizing there must be a piece of dust or even an eyelash hair under your contact. The rest of the day carries its own risks and irritations—what if you get dust in your eyes and you forgot your contact lens solution at home? With LASIK, you don’t have to worry about something as minor as a speck of dust affecting your vision.

Less Risk of Infection

When you choose to use contacts, you assume an elevated risk of an infection in your eyes. As such, you have to be vigilant about keeping your lenses clean and avoiding certain behaviors like sleeping in your contacts. LASIK frees you from that added risk so you can live your life without being limited by your contacts routine.

You Can See 24/7

To reduce your risk of contracting an infection in the eye, hopefully you take your contacts out before you go to bed or step into the shower and you wash your hands thoroughly before putting in or removing them. That means you spend chunks of your day unable to see properly. When you get your eyesight corrected with LASIK, you can see anytime your eyes are open.

You Can’t Lose LASIK

Sometimes accidents happen and you lose your contacts. Maybe you were swimming with your contacts in, or perhaps you dropped a contact and you don’t have a replacement. The thing about LASIK is you can’t lose it from one moment to the next. Performed by an experienced surgeon, you will enjoy perfect or near-perfect vision for years to come.  ©


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