Types of Eyeglass Lenses

We select only the finest quality lenses including single vision, bifocal, trifocal, Hoya brand no-line progressives, Transitions and polarized lenses.

We offer polycarbonate and trivex material for thinner, lighter, flatter and safer lenses. Our Aspheric lenses offer less magnification of the eyes and images viewed, while our Atoric lenses help reduce visual aberrations and are cosmetically more pleasing and lightweight.

Hoya progressive lenses offer the latest technology and designs to give the widest field of vision with less peripheral distortion. They have a wide reading area with less head movement from distance to near and are visually superior to other progressive lenses.

Transition lenses are the most advanced, clearest indoors, darkest outdoors, non-glass photochromatic lenses available. They become as dark as sunglass lenses, even in the heat of summertime, and fade back quicker than any other photochromic lens and even offer 100% UV protection.

Super HiVision Ex-3 anti-reflective lenses reduce the glare and reflections that cause eye fatigue, especially when driving a car at night or viewing a computer screen. They sharpen vision by increasing visual acuity by up to 12% and they show off your eyes since there are no distracting reflections. Super HiVision Ex-3 anti-reflective lenses offer scratch resistance on the front and back sides of the lenses. We offer a generous 1 year same RX scratch warranty with either of these lenses.


The coating you choose for your lenses can be as important as the lenses themselves. That's why we offer the full range of coatings described below, and typically will offer you "package pricing" on these important items: Ultra Violet coating give complete protection from harmful ultraviolet rays. Scratch Resistant coating offers front scratch protection. SRC - Clarity Shield coating offers you front and back scratch protection. Our Optical Shop offers a generous 1 year same RX scratch warranty with this coating.

Anti-Reflective coating helps reduce glare especially when driving at night or using a computer screen and helps reduce eye fatigue.

Specialty Eyewear

When our opticians ask a few questions about your job and your hobbies, did you know we are doing this so you end up with the glasses that work best for you? Some of the specialty eyewear we offer includes:

  • Computer glasses for those who view a computer screen more than 2 hours per day.
  • Golf glasses so you can see to keep score without having a bifocal in your way when putting or teeing off.
  • Sport goggles or glasses for all your other sporting needs.
  • Industrial glasses for your safety needs while on the job.
  • Occupational glasses for specific jobs or hobbies which require reading up close and above you head.

Examples of people who would benefit from these lenses include plumbers or mechanics. Occupational lenses have a bifocal in the top of the lens as well as the bottom to make your life easier and more relaxing, with less head movement and less neck strain.

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