We recently completed our first year of using Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Although in the past year we have experienced some bumps in the road, we feel this change will ultimately improve efficiency compared to the use of paper charts. Since the beginning of this massive change-over, we have considered this to be a “less paper,” not paperless, system.

With this new system, one can set up an account online at www.EyeCareInstitute.com just by clicking on “My Account” at the top of the page and creating an account. From there you can pre-register for your appointment, pay your bill, request an appointment, send a secure message to your doctor or even watch videos about various eye-related conditions and subjects.

There have always been jokes about doctors handwriting; EMR has eliminated this issue and has made it so much better in documenting how we care for our patients. By just the touch of a few buttons, EMR allows us to address patients’ calls and concerns more quickly.

The most common complaint about EMR from our doctors and technicians is that EMR makes us direct a lot of attention to the computer for data entry. This takes away from our “face time” with our patients. However, this does not take away from patient care; it merely makes us temporarily readjust.

To our dedicated patients who have seen us through this change, we thank you whole-heartedly for your patience and support. And to our new and future patients, we welcome you to our new EMR at The Eye Care Institute.

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