Dr. Sean F. Murphy, MD

Dr. Sean F. Murphy, MD, a vitreo-retinal specialist with The Eye Care Institute since 1992, has retired from the practice ofmedicine.

Dr. Murphy has been in continuous training and practice since entering medical school in 1980.  With 3 young adult children, plus 4 more young adult children by marriage, he, along with his wife, determined that now is the time to “stop and smell the roses.”  Dr. Murphy has many hobbies and interests including cooking, baking, photography, boating and sport shooting.  He chose to take the time to enjoy his family and these interests while in his prime.

Dr. Murphy spent several months reviewing the medical records of patients under his care.  Generally, for the most complex patients requiring ongoing vitreo-retinal care, these patients have already been contacted and referred to other subspecialists outside of The Eye Care Institute.
Dr. Murphy, as the physician in our group with the most seniority, handpicked each of the six doctors who remain with The Eye Care Institute. Further, he was a co-creator of the practice and was instrumental in the design of our state-of-the-art facility featuring 8 types of radiologic instruments and 6 types of lasers, to allow us to offer our patients the most thorough eye care and the best possible vision.  If you are a patient of Dr. Murphy’s but he has not already been in contact with you to recommend another subspecialist, that indicates he specifically requests that you continue to receive regular, ongoing care with the doctors of The Eye Care Institute.

We are so pleased that Dr. Murphy has made the choice that is best for him and his family.  We have already celebrated his approximately 30 years of providing care to others.  As always, our practice is here and ready to serve the patients of Dr. Murphy as well as your friends and family.  If you have an upcoming appointment scheduled with Dr. Murphy we will contact you to let you know which doctor in our practice Dr. Murphy thinks is best for you.

We look forward to passing along future updates from Dr. Murphy.

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