You are walking down the beach on vacation and decide you can’t resist the surf so you run and jump into the waves. When you come back up things are blurry. Oh no! You have lost your glasses in the water. You search in vain for them, but no glasses. Well it’s a good thing you brought your back-up pair of glasses…right? What a terrible time to find out that you should have bought a back-up pair.

A backup pair of glasses serves an invaluable purpose. Accidents happen and children love to grab things that are shiny. Dogs often find them a delicacy and render them beyond repair. And the most vain contact lens wearer needs a pair of back-up glasses. What will you wear when the Doctor tells you that you have to come out of your contacts for awhile because you have an infection? Your eyes would also like a day off every now and then from that plastic blanket you cover them with 16 hours a day.

In addition to the obvious above there are many other uses for back-up pairs of glasses. Just a simple pair of reading glasses for the multifocal wearer may be just the thing when you are making your model airplanes or scrapbooking. A pair of computer glasses for work may be more comfortable than your everyday pair. Do you play sports? You don’t really want to wear your street glasses to play softball in do you? And if you wear contacts make sure to tell the Doctor to write you a spectacle prescription in addition to your contact lens Rx.

When you purchase your glasses or contact lenses at The Eye Care Institute you will receive a 20% discount on your Back-Up pair of glasses or sunglasses. Just see Nicole, Denise or Aaron in the Optical Shop at Story Ave. or Nancy at our Audubon location and they will take care of all your eyewear needs.

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