LASIK surgery provides patients with the opportunity to see clearly and involves the use of a laser to reshape the cornea. Thanks to advances and innovations in technology, the risk of complications has dropped dramatically and success stories continue to grow. Find out how four patients reaped the benefits of LASIK surgery, moving forward and never looking back.

LASIK Makes Me Feel Young Again

I didn’t get glasses until I was thirty. I don’t know why it took that long, but I wasn’t happy about it. I felt like it added ten years to my age. I didn’t want to put up with hiding behind frames anymore so I checked out LASIK. It was one of the best things I ever did. Now I can see the world without anything getting in my way. Best of all, I have turned back the clock.

LASIK Made My Life Easier

I am a major athlete. I am really competitive and I take part in many sports, including contact sports. I had one problem. I needed glasses. I couldn’t wear glasses during most of my athletic activities, so I switched to contacts. Even contact lenses were a problem because they might fall out or I would get something in my eye and it would be killing me. I went to a LASIK surgeon to find out if LASIK surgery would work for me. I was so happy to find out that I was a good candidate. I went ahead with the procedure and now I can jump into sports without worrying about how I can see.

LASIK Gave Me a Boost In Confidence

I was not happy with myself because of my glasses. I wanted a new look and LASIK made that possible. Once I had my eye procedure, I could show off who I was with assurance. I took a leap and tried new hair and clothes to complete my transformation. LASIK gave me the courage to realize my potential.

LASIK was My Wedding Present to My Wife

When I knew I was getting married, I wanted to do something really special for my life. I decided to get LASIK surgery. I didn’t tell her about it, surprising her on our wedding day when she saw me without glasses for the first time as we stood at the altar. It really made the day special and I loved being able to see my bride clearly. Ⓡ


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